25 October 2012

Who do you think will be the next Elvis or The Beatles?


Very interesting article from the New York Times. What are your thoughts on this article? The article is written with all of you in mind. Feel free to set up a NY Times account and post on the Times. Please post what you write on the Times here as well!

Have fun!

Mr. Ferraro

25 September 2012

The Woogie by Wyclef Gordon

Decent recording from what looks like a high school jazz band. Give you all a good idea of a more manageable tempo!

Happy Practicing! :-)

23 September 2012

NFL and Marching Bands

For those of you watching the Pats vs. Ravens game, you may have noticed that they have a marching band! The Ravens and the Redskins are the only two NFL teams to have marching bands. Obviously, this performance medium is a huge part of high school and college football and music programs. Do you like that the Ravens have a band? Why do you think that Baltimore and Washington are the only two teams with bands? If you were to write a letter to Robert Kraft asking about starting a marching band for the Patriots, how would you try and convince him?

19 September 2012

The bassoon is an AWESOME instrument!

Keeping with the theme of music arranged for different instruments, here is an oldie now but very entertaining! How many of you have really heard a bassoon before? Anyone ever have a desire to try one out? The amazing thing about this is that the bassoon is a monster to play and the fact that they are dancing around and keeping good pitch, tone, and focus is very impressive. Thoughts? Any Lady Gaga fans? She is a classically trained singer. Enjoy! Mr. Ferraro

01 September 2012

Radiohead on bass clarinet?

Edmund Welles "Creep" Live from San Francisco.

Are you a Radiohead fan? Have you ever thought of what your favorite tunes would song played on "concert band" instruments? You never know what you will find out in the musical world. This is what makes music so much fun and such an organic, ever changing art form. What are your thoughts on this arrangement? Do you think that the bass clarinet works well for this song? What instrument would you use instead if you were to arrange this song? 

03 August 2012

Beverly Public Schools and 92.5 The River "Music Matters" Concert.

If you are free tomorrow, August 4th, come out to Lynch Park and support the Beverly Public Schools Music Program. Free concert from 12:00-7:00 featuring local and national bands plus our own Beverly High School student bands. In addition, if you purchase a $2.00 Music Matters Button, Salem Five Bank will match that and the proceeds will go to the music program in Beverly. Hope to see you at the concert! Mr. Ferraro

06 June 2012

Boston Pops Trip 2012

An annual music department tradition, 60 Briscoe band and chorus students attended a concert last night at Symphony Hall with the Boston Pops Orchestra. Despite the cool temps and threat of rain, we posed once again for a picturesque moment at the Christian Science Center reflecting pool before the show. For those of you who went, what did you think of the concert? What was the most interesting, surprising, or unusual part of the experience for you? Since the evening's theme was the music of Cole Porter, how did it feel to hear some of the songs from Anything Goes played and sung by professional musicians? What was your favorite piece of the night? Did anyone pick up any nifty souvenirs at the gift shop?

02 June 2012

School Year 2011-2012 Comes To A Close

Another school year is about to wrap up in the Briscoe Middle School band program, and it's been one of many great rehearsals, performances, and special gatherings. Looking back at school year 2011-2012, what were some of the highlights of being a Briscoe band member for you? Marching alongside the BHS band at a football game? Chowing down on a burger with friends at the annual Fuddruckers fundraiser? Performing a really challenging piece at one of our concerts? Receiving your brand new Briscoe band t-shirt or hoodie? Traveling into the city for a concert with the Boston Pops? Practicing after school with one of the high school band tutors? Touring the elementary schools with the jazz band? Marching in Beverly's annual Santa Parade? The list goes on and on. Please feel free to share as many stories as you'd like!

18 May 2012

WFNX Calls It Quits

In a scenario becoming all too familiar in these days of satellite and Internet radio, Boston's only remaining alternative radio station - WFNX 101.7FM - was bought out earlier this week by media giant Clear Channel Communications. Although an official termination date has not yet been announced, it is inevitable that one of the country's first and longest lasting alternative stations will be going off the air sometime very soon. You can read more about the story here. It's hard to imagine a day when commercial radio was the main source for young people to gain access to new music, but prior to the advent of the Internet, stations like WFNX did just that. The station began in 1983, and quickly became a champion of underground music genres that couldn't be heard on mainstream pop and rock stations. Now that such music has become so readily available from places like Myspace, Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora, WFNX's financial losses resulted in an unfortunate decision to sell the station. Do you listen to the radio much these days? If so, what are you favorite stations and why? How do you think the Boston area is reacting to the news of WFNX's closing? Do you consider yourself a fan of the type of music that WFNX was known for programming?

04 May 2012

Adam Yauch: 1964 - 2012

Earlier today, it was reported that Adam Yauch - a founding member of the iconic rap trio the Beastie Boys - died after a 3-year battled with cancer. Yauch, along with musicians Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond, formed the Beastie Boys in Brooklyn in the late 1970s. Though they began as a hardcore punk rock group, they effectively made the transition to hip-hop music by the mid 80s. Along with Run-DMC, the group would come to represent mainstream East Coast hip-hop. The Beastie Boys released 8 studio albums before Yauch passed away. Some of their most famous songs include "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," "Brass Monkey," "Sabotage," and "Intergalactic." You can read more about Yauch in this Paste Magazine article. Have you ever heard of or listened to the Beastie Boys? If so, do you consider yourself a fan? Do you have any favorite songs? How do you think the public will react to this news compared to other major musician deaths of 2012, like Whitney Houston or Etta James? Do you think that Adam Yauch's passing will result in younger music fans wanting to learn more about the Beastie Boys' music?